Wednesday 4 September 2013

Hi All,  Off to hospital tomorrow to check if I can have 3 skin cancers removed.  I was supposed to have them done a couple of weeks ago but a very low white cell count made the Drs a little wary about me picking up another infection. Been getting plenty of these recently. I have had well over a 100 skin cancers removed ( luckily mostly BCC,s and SCC,s) although 3 early melanoma's taken out as well. My dermatologist informed me a study done in Sweden found a co-relation between IGA MGUS?MM and non melanoma skin cancers so this may be partially the cause of my problem( along with many hours of lying in the hot Australian sun as a child!!) I also have my 8 weekly blood tests coming up on Wednesday next week and am a little concerned about the possibility that there has been another increase in my paraprotein and a further change to my Kappa/Lambda ratio. Just have to take it as it comes.



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